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Katherine Kelly Lang: UAE ‘exotic, mysterious and romantic’
We do about eight shows a week, shooting four days out of the week. We double up, so we do two shows a day. We really have to be prepared, they try to make us do it in one take and get through the day because we have so much to accomplish. Then every three weeks we have one week off, so we have a lot of time off.

What other passions and interests have been keeping you busy?

This year I am a spokes person for Amgen Breakaway From Cancer. I like to work with different charities and so that’s what I’m focusing on this year and it’s going to take up some time and dedication. The kaftans and training take up a lot of time too, because you’re not just training for one sport, you’re training for three sports. And then the time that you have to put in for the mileage — you’re out there on a bike for five hours a day on a weekend. I can do that now because my kids are older, I couldn’t have done that if they were young but most of them are out the house so I have more time.

How do you balance all of those commitments at once?

It’s pretty basic — just never give up, never slow down and just keep going. I like to have a lot going on at the same time, I like to keep busy and I like to push myself harder. I’m not the kind of person who lies about on the couch or sleeps in. It’s about perseverance.

What kind of diet are you on right now?

I’ve always eaten fairly healthy so I just try to stay away from too many trans-fats and empty calories. I mostly eat lean protein, a lot of greens, some fruits, nuts, not too much sugar and drink a lot of water. Of course, once in a while I eat something sweet or a bag of potato chips.

Is there anything you excel at or struggle with of the three triathlon sports?

I’m finding the running harder right now, because that’s the last — you swim, bike and then run. I’m training more on the bikes and enjoying that more. I love to swim, too, so I’m finding that I don’t like to run as much.

What do you have in store for the rest of your trip?

It’s nice to be able to go around and get a feeling of the culture and the architecture. We’re going to the Arabian Nights tonight, it’s always good to see the touristy stuff, and my mom and daughter are here with me, too, so it’s fun. We’re having a good time.
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