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Кетрін Келлі Ленг | Переглядів: 541 | Додав: yuliya261280 | Дата: 18.01.2011 | Коментарі (2)

In Parts One, Two, and Three of our interview with Katherine Kelly Lang, the beloved actress revealed her insights into Brooke's resilience on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, why audiences still love her, and the challenges of keeping the character balanced between "bad and good." In the final part below, Lang shares how she deals with flack from audience members, and life lessons learned from playing Brooke. 
Кетрін Келлі Ленг | Переглядів: 4572 | Додав: yuliya261280 | Дата: 17.12.2010 | Коментарі (2)

In Parts One and Two of our interview with Katherine Kelly Lang, the acclaimed actress of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL discussed the delicate balance between her character, Brooke, being "good and bad," as well as how Brooke's resilience could be a role model for gay youth, and the one story that she felt went "oveboard." In Part Three below, Lang discusses lessons learned from Susan Flannery, Brooke's traumatic rape story line, and how she feels about being overlooked for Emmy nominations. Plus, did she really appear on Italy's DANCING WITH THE STARS? Read on to find out.
Кетрін Келлі Ленг | Переглядів: 380 | Додав: yuliya261280 | Дата: 17.12.2010 | Коментарі (0)

In Part One of our exclusive interview with Katherine Kelly Lang, the acclaimed actress recalled her pre-B&B career, walking the line between Brooke being "good and bad", plus one story where she saw Brooke going overboard. In Part Two below, Lang discusses how Brooke has become a symbol for the resilient underdog. Plus, how could gay youth benefit from watching Brooke Logan stand up to her mother-in-law? Find out here!
Кетрін Келлі Ленг | Переглядів: 398 | Додав: yuliya261280 | Дата: 17.12.2010 | Коментарі (0)

Katherine Kelly Lang has been enchanting and enraging viewers of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL all over the world for over 23 years in her electric performances as Brooke Logan Forrester. She recently took time to talk with WE LOVE SOAPS TV about her career, her reflections, and the symbolism of Brooke's resilience. Please join us for this very special and exclusive interview:
Кетрін Келлі Ленг | Переглядів: 417 | Додав: yuliya261280 | Дата: 17.12.2010 | Коментарі (1)

For over two decades, Katherine Kelly Lang has enthralled viewers as tortured heroine, Brooke Logan on daytime's campiest soap, The Bold and the Beautiful.

Long considered one of soaps’ most underrated actresses, Lang has lent her impossibly beautiful looks and incredible talent to a character who just happens to be one of the most complex and controversial figures in soap opera history. In fact, many could argue that Brooke is daytime TV’s most relevant female character because of the multitude of feminist issues involved.

While many viewers bash Brooke for her romantic indecisiveness (Ridge? Nick? Ridge? Nick?), Lang has impressively and miraculously maintained the character’s integrity by focusing on her vulnerability, flaws, humanity, and unconditional heart.

Tragically, Lang's portrayal of the multifaceted heroine has gone unnoticed by Emmy voters for the past two decades. This June, many are expecting the Academy to redeem themselves by honouring Lang’s tour-de-force performance for Brooke’s violent rape last year. If there’s any justice, that is. — Mark Jaksic (theenvelope.com’s MARKPGH)
Кетрін Келлі Ленг | Переглядів: 541 | Додав: yuliya261280 | Дата: 13.08.2009 | Коментарі (0)

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